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Join our Loyalty program

We appreciate all of our customers and fully understand that with so many great places to visit in Aberdeen city now, it's even more appreciated for all of you who keep coming back to support us.  

Our Loyalty App is there for you to earn points every time you come in, these points can be redeemed for a whole host of rewards.  

Enjoy and hope to see you all soon x

How to Sign Up?

It's easy peasy, just scan the QR code opposite and follow the instructions.  If you have any issues, please pop in to see us and a member of our team will be able to help you get set up.

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What are the rewards?

We have tiered rewards and you can earn 1 point for every £1 you spend in Olive Alexanders and Barbelow.

100 points - A bottle of Prosecco to go

200 points - £20 Voucher for Barbelow

275 points - 3 small plates and a bottle of wine in OA

300 points - £45 voucher for Barbelow

350 points - £50 voucher for Olive Alexanders

400 points - Bottle of Champagne to go

450 points - Premium bottle of wine to go from Olive Alexanders

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