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Classic Bread & Butter Pickles

Loved and loathed the world over, pickles are in every culinary culture from piccalilli to sauerkraut. These fermented and preserved foods have been around for a millennia in some shape or form. Pickling food is an easy and sure fire way to ensure food has an extended shelf life and is also beneficial for your gut too.

Bread & Butter pickles are an American deli classic, from a classic pastrami on rye to a hot roast beef sandwich or even just straight out of the jar these bad boys are the perfect way to balance the fat in the meat by bringing salt and acid to the party.

The history of bread & butter pickles is debated, theorised and ultimately unconfirmed but legend goes...

In 1923, A gentleman and his wife, Omar and Cora Fanning of Illinois, put in for the registration of a trademark for a logo for their families branded pickles. According to a 1996 issue of the Feingold News, “An agreement was worked out between a local shopkeeper and Mrs. Fanning, they agreed for the exchange of goods as a way to benefit both of them. Mrs. Fanning would exchange her families pickles for bread & butter from the shop keeper . Hence the name "Bread & Butter Pickles".


-4 cucumbers (Cut into three inch pieces) -500ml Apple cider vinegar -1.5 litre water -50g Table salt -350g Granulated sugar -5 tablespoons celery seed -6 tablespoon mustard seed

-1 tablespoon turmeric

-20g fresh dill

-Sterilised jars/Containers


-Boil together the water, salt, sugar, mustard seed, celery seed and turmeric

-Once boiled and sugar and salt have dissolved, add in the vinegar and remove from heat. Allow to cool slightly but not completely, still must be hot to the touch.

-Take a pin or a fork and slightly pierce each piece of cucumber.

-Place cucumbers upright in the jars and pour hot pickle liquor over the cucumbers, fully submerging them.

-Add chopped dill to the containers and then allow to completely cool (DO NOT PLACE LID ON UNTIL COMPLETELY COOL)

-Once cooled, place lid and pop the jar/container into the fridge and keep for up to three weeks.

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