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The Grilled Olive Sandwich

This is our twist on the classic grilled cheese sandwich. Created for our pop-up at 99 Bar and Kitchen, this sandwich uses not only the most amazing cheeses Britain has to offer but also the most amazing bread Aberdeen has to offer.

This recipe is here to highlight the amazing team over at Bandit Bakery. Located on Rose Street, this small time artisan bakery (Brick and Mortar opened 2021) has made waves in Aberdeen's up and coming food scene. With a fierce local following, these guys show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. From classic sourdough and focaccia to cinnamon buns and vegan cookies they have everything you need at prices that everyone can get in on. Seriously if you haven't tried them already you are missing out on a soon to be Aberdeen LEGEND.

Ingredients: (enough for 1 to 2 sandwiches with left over bread)

-One Loaf Bandit Bakery Sourdough

-Bread & Butter Pickles (Recipe on Blog)


-100g Clava Brie

-50g Hebridean Blue

-100g Prima Donna Maturo

-American Style Mustard


  1. Slice sourdough loaf

  2. Slice Clava Brie, crumble Hebridean blue and grate Prima Donna Maturo

  3. Slice bread and butter pickles

  4. Heat frying pan over medium heat

  5. Take two slices of bread and on each piece of bread spread mayonnaise on one side and on the other side spread American style mustard... We know, it's going to be messy.

  6. Chuck some of the Prima Donna Maturo into two small piles on the hot pan and then the slices of bread mayonnaise side down on top of the melting cheese (The mayonnaise is a delicious replacement for butter and trust us, even if you don't like mayo, this is going to change your life!)

  7. On both sides of the bread place on top all cheese and cover with a lid to help melt the cheese (steam baby, steam!)

  8. Once the cheese has melted remove the lid and allow the bread to get golden brown with a crispy cheese crust.

  9. Remove the slices of bread, add the sliced pickles in the middle and close that puppy up!

We recommend this sandwich at anytime of the day with a nice glass of our Can Do Sil Tinto, a bright and juicy red wine from Galicia, Spain. The perfect wine to cut through and balance the strong blue cheese and pickles in the sandwich. If wine isn't your thing check out The House of Botanicals for the Peach Liqueur Pescaro. Perfectly paired with a tonic for light and crisp drink.

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